Having spent many hours browsing Google Earth and Maps, I was surprised at how many sports fields there are across the US (and the world), even in the smallest of towns and the most out-of-the-way of places, some elaborately landscaped, others strictly functional. I thought it would be interesting to find them and mark them. And not just find a few (or even a lot), but all of them.

And that’s the goal of everyfield.com: to map the location of every sports field on Earth.

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I’ve just added a new feature to the site: show recent additions. You can access it through the menu bar by clicking “recent”. It provides a quick look at the fields added in the past 10 days. Click the links to zoom in on the field.

Recent Additions

Screen Shot – Recent Additions Page

Have any idea for an enhancement to everyfield.com? Drop me a line.

Have you ever accidentally dropped a pin in the middle of nowhere? I’ve added a few methods of removing pins.

  1. Click the “red pin” icon.
  2. Hit Ctrl-Z.
  3. Click the yellow marker and then “remove”.
Red Pin - Remove Marker

Red Pin – Remove Marker

Note that this only works with the yellow marking pin. Once a pin is saved (and has turned green), it can be revised only through My Everyfield -> Review My Markers.


I’ve added a few new field types: field hockey, rugby, and cycling (velodrome). See screen shot below.

New Sports - cycling, field hockey, rugby

New Sports – cycling, field hockey, rugby

Note: this post as been updated. The original post confused the sport (cycling) with the venue (velodrome).

Check out the latest feature on everyfield.com: Achievements.

Achievements are earned by marking specific numbers of fields of a particular type or within a particular geographic region (or both). See a few examples below:



Achievements you’ve earned are marked with a green trophy, those yet to be earned are marked with a gray trophy. When an achievement is earned, an alert box will pop-up and a congratulatory tweet will be posted by @everyfield. You can also check your progress at My Everyfield -> Achievements.

In order to earn achievements, you must register and log in prior to marking fields. If you registered and marked fields prior to the implementation of achievements, you’ll be automatically “caught up” when you mark your next field.

If you have any suggestions for achievements, please drop me a line.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for helping map every field on the planet.

Today’s pick city (with apologies to the Grateful Dead) is Chino, California. And within it’s 29.652 square miles it has more than some fields, it has 118 of them as shown on the map below.

Chino, California

Chino, California

 The breakdown of venues by sport is shown in the following table.

baseball 9
basketball 36
football 4
golf 1
soccer 10
softball 26
tennis 29
track 3

The city, incorporated in 1910, lies at the southwestern tip of San Bernadino County and has a population of over 80,000. Agriculture has played a large part in the city’s history and its motto is “Chino, where everything grows…“.

And seriously, there is not a single playing field in Cherokee, California…

Cherokee, California

Cherokee, California

If you want to play on a field you’ve got to drive north to Chico or south to Oroville.

Do you live in Chino? Drop me a line and tell me something about sports in your city. I’d love to hear from you.